The Apprentice

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Recently, i have been watching Serial TV show “The Apprentice”. i watched The Celebrity Apprentice Session. In this session, there were more Drama than the previous one. The final of this session showed us the battle of the “Good and the Evil”. Good was represented by Trace Apkin and the Evil was represented by Pierce Morgan.

Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice

Trace Apkin is Country Music Superstar. His weight voice and his charisma made him an idol for the American public. Different from Trace, Pierce is the Antagonist character. He is ambitious and very tough person.  I think he is a money maker, truly business man. Other Antagonist character is Omarosa, she really really hate Pierce. Even there was an episode when Omarosa had been fired titled “Free Oma”. wkwk :D.

Sometime this show tell us about Donald Trump family. I am really awe to his family, especially to his daughter Ivanka Trump. She is really beautiful lady, and She is not only beautiful, She is smart too. I am remembered Donald Trump said “Do You Think i produce Dummies?” to Pierce when he tried to joke on Ivanka and Ivanka could give the joke back to Pierce.

From this show, i can remain my rivalry feeling beside that i can learn the art of business. I have learned that in business We can not take a decision depend on our private feeling but we decide it whether our decision make more money or less money. No more feeling is included.

I really love to watch Reality show like The Apprentice, Oprah Winfrey, Kick Andy etc. From them, there are more things to be learned than love story hehe ^_^.

  1. santus says:

    Yeah I love the show too. Omarosa did a good job to made the show more interesting to watch.

  2. fajaronly says:

    yeah, you always need an antagonist character to make it interesting. bet trump couldn’t fire her on the early part of the show.

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